X Design Conference at Harvard

I am taking the Acela up to Harvard today to attend the X Design Conference put on by its B-School students. Yes, the design club of the HBS has put together a remarkable 2-day conference. Together with Harvard’s new I-Lab, Innovation Lab, they are bringing  together people from all over the university to listen to some great speakers and actually do design together. http://www.harvardxdesign.com/

Teams will compete on a design challenge on Saturday and a panel will assess their work and give gold stars. I’m on the panel and  look forward to seeing what these Harvard folks can do. 

With the I-Lab up and running and Harvard B-School students now committing to design, innovation and creativity instead of just mathematics, and efficiency, I’m prepared to change my mind about the place. Sounds like Harvard is building up its Creative Intelligence–and bolstering the creative capacities of its students. Now maybe they’ll become more entrepreneurial and build new companies instead of just managing old ones.